Transfer Window Record & History

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The transfer window Update is a bit of a serious term associated with professional football. We all know this and we are very interested to know about the transfer windows news first. So let’s know today a brief idea about the transfer window and its history.

What is The Word Transfer Window ?

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Kylian Mbappe (France) €180m in 2018 From Monaco to PSG

The term transfer was first coined in the 1930s, with the transfer window basically referring to a fixed period of time when football clubs can sign players, coaches and various staff members from other teams for their club under a specific contract.

In the 20th century, the popularity of the transfer window spread very well in the world of football, since then, clubs have been recruiting all the most popular footballers from specific areas, and then this process was given the name transfer window, which continues to this day.

Major Rules of Transfer Window

The rules and regulations of the transfer windows are fixed by different leagues according to their specific rules, but some rules are common in all leagues.

  • Clubs can spend a certain amount of money in a transfer window
  • Clubs will not be allowed to spend more money in the window
  • Clubs must be transparent about transfer fees and contracts
  • All hidden fees in transfer deals must be mentioned
  • The deal must be completed within the transfer window period
  • The transfer window will open 2 times in the season, 1 month apart.

There are many more rules of the transfer windows but we have outlined the few rules in brief.

Most Transfer Window Spending

The January 2023 transfer window was the most expansive transfer window since 1930. The January transfer window is called the mid-season transfer window, in this window the clubs of the European 5 leagues spend a total of 4.3 billion euros.


Transfer Window Opening & Closing Date in Top 5 League

The transfer window opens 2 times in a season, one is called the preseason window and the other is called the mid season transfer window. When this window opens, Alcatel are apart of Europe’s top 5 leagues.

CountryPre-Season Transfer WindowMid-Season Transfer Window
Germany1 July – 1 September1–31 January
Spain1 July – 2 September1 January – 2 February
England10 June – 1 September1–31 January
France10 June – 1 September1–31 January
Italy1 July – 2 September3–31 January

Top 10 Expensive Player Of Transfer Window

The transfer window is ongoing and players are constantly being sold for different amounts. Some players’ sky-high prices are determined in the transfer window based on their popularity, skill and potential. Let’s take a look Top 10 Expensive Player Of Transfer Window

  • Neymar (Brazil) €222m in 2017 From Barcelona To PSG
  • Kylian Mbappe (France) €180m in 2018 From Monaco to PSG
  • Philippe Coutinho (Brazil) €145m in 2018 From Liverpool To Barcelona
  • Joao Felix (Portugal) €126m in , 2019 From Benfica to Atletico Madrid
  • Enzo Fernandez (Argentina) €121m in 2023 From Benfica to Chelsea
  • Antoine Griezmann (France) €120m in 2019 From Atletico Madrid to Barcelona
  • Jack Grealish (England) €118m in 2021 From Aston Villa To Man City
  • Romelu Lukaku (Belgium) €115m in 2021 From Inter To Chelsea
  • Ousmane Dembele (France) €105m in 2017 From Dortmund To Barcelona
  • Paul Pogba (France) €105m in 2016 Fram Juventus to Man United

These were the Top 10 Expensive Player Of Transfer Window History But we Don’t Know How Many days of that will last forever.

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