To beat Manchester City they have to build on their win against Manchester United.

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To beat Manchester City they have to build on their win against Manchester United.

Simeone’s team is in Manchester for the first leg on Tuesday, having defeated United 2-1 on aggregate in the previous round, with their 1-0 win at Old Trafford in the second leg proving pivotal.

If Atlético Madrid hopes to knock Manchester City out of the Champions League quarter-finals, Diego Simeone believes the Spanish champions must improve on their performance against Manchester United.

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The Argentinian was questioned about the requirements for advancement. “United has its own personality,” he explained. “They’re a lot more direct, and they’re a lot faster.” City is more positional, and they control the ball well all across the field. We’ll have to improve on our performance from three weeks ago.

“The strength and effort that clubs like City put into gaining the ball back and continuing to attack is what I admire the most.” It’s a joy to see them. They’re still changing. They have several fantastic players on their team. They’re always active, always running, [Raheem] Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne. They never let a ball go missing. That’s on top of their natural abilities. That is something that all managers desire.”

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Simeone was questioned if City is under more pressure than other teams because they are one of the favorites to win the title. “I’m not sure if pressure is the right term,” he admitted. “It’s a little overstated.” It is something that each of us possesses. The players in the city are exceptional. 

I’m sure they have better players than we have. However, there are two games to be played. City and Bayern [Munich] are favorites due to their players, but Chelsea won [the competition] last season, something no one predicted. All of us who have gotten this far want to win. You’ve got to compete.

“Manchester City and Real Madrid have fantastic squads. They have a lot of personality, and the players get to play tomorrow. We strive to assist them so that they can answer as effectively as possible. We’ll play where we believe we can injure them. We’ve been playing this way for years. We’ll have to wait and see.”

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