Arsenal is advised to transfer Cody Gakpo for £100 million rather than Joao Felix.

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Paul Merson, a former Arsenal player, has pushed the club to pursue Cody Gakpo over Joao Felix in the January transfer window, “even if it costs £100 million.” It comes before the Gunners’ upcoming January transfer window, which might be hectic given their title-winning ambitions.

After a scorching start to the season, Mikel Arteta’s team will return to the Premier League in the first place, five points ahead of the reigning champions Manchester City. However, considering Gabriel Jesus’ World Cup injury, which will prevent him from playing for up to three months after knee surgery, they might not be the same team.

cody gakpo
Cody Gakpo in FIFA World Cup 2022 Match against Argentina

When asked if the injury changes plans for January, Arteta responded: “No. We know that he needed some intervention in the knee and we have to take it day by day, week by week, and see where that takes us. What it affects is who we are as a team because he gives us so much.”

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However, links to forwards have persisted. Atletico Madrid striker Felix is one of those who might leave the Spanish powerhouses following some struggles. Merson feels Gakpo from PSV would be a better choice to sign in the upcoming window though.

According to him, after Gabriel Jesus’ knee injury, Arsenal needed to go grab Cody Gakpo, according to the Daily Express. They must go and find someone. They are free to swing.

According to some reports, if [Jesus] is out for up to three months, they would not only be out of the top four, but also the Premier League title battle. They must send someone to get them. Since 2004, they haven’t had a real shot at capturing the championship until now. They will finish in the top four if they keep up their current strategy, and they would already receive a full refund from qualifying for the Champions League.

“Gakpo is energetic and gets goals, so I’d buy him. All day long, I would choose him over Joao Felix. It makes no difference if it costs £100,000,000. You only get this opportunity every so often.

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